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The Smart Hospital Newsletter - May 2022
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This month, we have made several upgrades to our patient-centric solutions. We are confident these changes will take your patient experience a notch higher.
Hindi & Marathi Languages
Multiple languages are introduced for both requesters and hospital staff. Requesters can now view all the service details in the selected language and raise a request. Hospital staff can use the web application and app in their prefered language.
*Available on demand
BestDoc Concierge
Standardise Staff Comments for Patients
A comments directory is now available to store default comments by staff to patients and add as Request Notes or Request cancellation reasons. When adding notes, Admin or Department users can select any of the default comments, thus ensuring patients get professionally typed, error-free, and clearly understandable comments from staff.
Autofill OTP & Flexibility to Configure OTP settings at the Hospital level
We have enabled the OTP autofill feature for the Chrome browser. And also, the time for which the same requester should not be asked the OTP is now configurable at the hospital level.
*Available on demand
F&B Menu Automation for Better Transparency to Patients
F&B Admins can define rules in the application for individual items as well as the whole category. You can now set up rules for F&B items, and the application is intelligent enough to show the items to the requester as per the defined rules. With this upgrade, patients will get clearer visibility of available items in the hospital menu. 
Now hospitals can provide discounts directly to patients based on their age in the kiosk. The moment the patient enters their age in the kiosk registration form, the discount is applied to the fees and displayed on the final payment screen.
Ease of Giving Additional Discounts to Senior Citizens
BestDoc Kiosk 
We have enabled appointment reminders for patients to reduce the number of no-shows. The patient will receive the reminder SMS on the day of the appointment in the morning. The reminder SMS is enabled for both teleconsultation and physical consultation appointments. A reminder SMS is sent to the patient if the appointment is in an initiated or a confirmed state for physical appointments and for teleconsultation only if the appointment is confirmed.
Smart Appointment Reminders for Fewer Patient No-Shows
BestDoc NIOTC 
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