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The Smart Hospital Newsletter - Apr 2022
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This month, we have made several upgrades to our patient-centric solutions. We are confident these changes will take your patient experience a notch higher.
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Service Booking through Kiosk
Now patients can book services directly from the kiosk. The hospital can choose which services should be visible in the kiosk application. During the pandemic, this feature helped hospitals reduce the billing queue in COVID counters. All the patient has to do is choose the type of test/service, make the payment, and avail of the service seamlessly.
BestDoc Kiosk
Non-integrated QMS is primarily used for services or pharmacy queues. However, we have noticed that some of our users also use it for consultation queue management. Since it is not integrated with the HIS, that makes it hard for the patients and front desk staff to manage the consultation queue without the UHID on the QMS display. We have noticed this and enabled the option to capture the UHID at the time of check-in itself. Please contact your BestDoc POC for a demo of this feature.
UHID Mapping in NIQMS
BestDoc Queue 
Now department users can send SMS notifications on request assignments. Users without smartphones who only use feature phones can benefit from this feature.
SMS Notification to Users Without Smartphones
BestDoc Concierge
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